I don’t like choir

“I don’t like choir…” Well, those aren’t my words. I fell in love with choirs years ago, but I’m always surprised by people who state “I don’t like choir,” because if you like music, then I’m sorry. You probably like choir… you just don’t know it.

Everyone attaches different memories to their image of “choir.” Did you grow up in a church? Maybe your “choir” memory is that group that sings Sunday mornings, but you didn’t like the music they picked. Or maybe your “choir” memory is Junior High, with Mrs. Musickrazy who insisted that all music written after 1850 was pure garbage.

The dictionary defines choir as “an organized company of singers” or “a group of people who sing together.” Whether that group sings Medieval chants, Rock and Roll, Mozart’s greatest hits, or sings on your favourite Hip Hop album, that’s a choir. I’m not a sports guy, but “not liking choir” is akin to saying “I don’t like groups of people working together to score points” and allowing that to be your opinion of team sports. See? It just doesn’t quite make sense.

What’s your music of choice? If it’s Rock music, Queen is one of the best Rock choirs, especially when they have an audience of 10,000 singing Bohemian Rhapsody together… or watch the Beatles’ “Blackbird.” Is Pop music more your style? The popularity of the movie “Pitch Perfect,” TV show “Glee” and the “Pentatonix” shows that choir sinks it’s teeth in everywhere.

From Hip Hop to Dubstep, Country to Classical, choir is everywhere and in everything. Next time you hear your favourite song with a bunch of voices singing together, remember “Hey, I love choir!” Even better, come to our concerts on Dec 15 & 16 to hear some great choral pieces and expand your musical horizons.