About Us

From its start in the summer of 2014, the Foothills Philharmonic Society has had a simple vision - “to bring beautiful music to the Foothills”. This began with the Foothills Philharmonic Chorus and Chamber Chorus, focusing on Classical choral music and quickly expanded to developing an Opera chorus in partnership with the Calgary Concert Opera Company. After 2 years, a small group of vocalists wanted to explore the Jazz tradition, and started the FP Vocal Jazz as an experiment in the summer of 2016. This experiment was so successful that it quickly became permanent, and grew to include the Ladies Vocal Jazz.

Our dream continued to grow, leading to the official creation of the Foothills Philharmonic Orchestra in Fall of 2016, with first rehearsals in the Spring of 2017. The dream is just getting started, and we’re extremely excited to see where we will go in the future.

Join us as a chorister, as an instrumentalist, attend a concert as a music enthusiast, or support the Foothills Philharmonic financially, but please join us in bringing more beautiful music to the Foothills.